Just show them Jesus

Have you ever wondered what to say to someone who seems far from God?  It’s so easy to scramble for just the right words, the right bible verse or worship song.  You think, If I don’t they may be lost. Have you ever thought that?  If so, I have news for you. Great news!

You aren’t God.

You may say “Of course I’m not God, that’s silly!” or perhaps you think, “Well, that’s rude! Who does she think she is?”.  I assure you, I know that I am no one special.  I can’t save anyone either.  I do, however, have a suggestion.

I would like to suggest that you take a back seat. Restrain yourself. Don’t try to win them over for Christ with your words, many or few.  It really isn’t your job.  God sent someone else to lead the way…the Holy Spirit.

You are not their Savior. You are not Jesus.

You CAN show them Jesus with your love. Show them with your respect. Look them in the eye and love them; love them for who they are and where they are. Sometimes, thats all it takes.

Live you life in such a way as to make someone so curious that they want what you have…Jesus…Show them Jesus!