One voice

I never comment on politics online and seldom in person. I usually see a little bit of both sides. Because what I see with my heart is that the pain in the world is so great. So incredibly great. Right or wrong, I don’t know, but I rarely read the news. I can barely handle the great sadness that surrounds us. Today I happened to catch the story of the young girl killed in Kentucky during a school shooting. This girl called her mother as she was dying and the mother heard the chaos as it was happening. I can not fathom the horror. I imagine that she would have given anything to crawl through that phone and hold her baby girl. I just can’t bare this.

What is the good of one more voice? Well, it isn’t to comment on anything political or controversial. It is to urge you to use your one voice to speak love and life into someone. If you see good, speak it. If you feel love, speak it. If you cherish someone, tell them and tell them why. If you know Jesus, introduce Him to someone else.

Because so many singular voices can form something amazing. A large collective of people loving others.

Please, today use your voice to spread love.

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