I know we have all heard that we must forgive.  After all it’s what the bible says to do.

But Can I, Will I?


Will I forgive others when they hurt me or those I love?


In those moments when I must decide I find myself thinking, “They started it!” “They hurt me!” “They don’t deserve it!”  “It won’t do any good.”  Maybe even.. they don’t want to be forgiven because they are not sorry.


In my head and heart I claim that I am right, I am justified, I am NOT going to do it…


Within me and my angry heart I know that those thoughts are telling.  They tell the tale of my pride…my anger…my stubbornness.

Do I want to hold on to pride and anger? Do I want to be stubborn? Of course not!

I am honest enough to say that I am not so benevolent as to forgive just to let them off the hook. My act of forgiveness may never mean anything to those who hurt me anyway.

Because I believe forgiveness is a choice it means I have a choice. One that I can make for myself.

Even if I don’t want to forgive the hurtful things done to me or said to me it is still a choice.  One that comes at a cost, it does… but even in my darkest moments it’s a price I am willing to pay to rid my heart of bitterness and to find peace for my soul.

Peace that Jesus gives.  Peace that can be mine if I count the costs and decide.  Decide that it IS worth it. Forgiveness always is.

One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. It’s been my experience that along with ‘the decision’ to forgive, I have to make the resolve to forgive, no matter how unfair it may have been to me. As I place it before God, I may be faced with it (or the memory of it!) all over again. When something comes up to remind me of the hurt … or the injustice, I have to make the decision ‘to forgive’ all over again. . Maybe some would say, oh well then, you must not have forgiven in the beginning because when Jesus forgives He places it in the sea of forgetfulness, never to be remembered again. However, we are not God and so we may have to meet it head on again at some point, being willing to declare forgiveness once again!

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