Where do you look for peace?  Peace in this world full of trouble.  A world full of suffering and fear.  The peace that makes you feel a quiet in your soul.  Safe away from worries and safe from the strife of living….strife, discord and pain.  Pain of rejection or loss.

The quest for peace is necessary and is never ending.

But where is peace?  Is it found in the stillness of the night or in a quiet house?  Is it outside where you can feel the sun on your face or the breeze in your hair?  Can you find it when you hear the birds singing, in the loveliness of beautiful music or in a child’s laughter?

Maybe…but I believe that peace, true peace is found when you are the child.  God’s child with childlike faith.  Faith that He has it under control.  Faith that one day all will be made right.  Faith that we will see that day. Isn’t that glorious to think of?  The day when there will be peace on earth and peace in our souls.


True peace.

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